About Brine Leas Trust

Aims of Brine Leas Trust

The Brine Leas Trust was set up in 1992.  The aim was very simple- to provide a simple tax efficient method of enhancing and enriching the work of the school.  In 2000 a new system was introduced by the government called Gift Aid.  Gift Aid means that individuals and companies can contribute to charities in a tax efficient way.

The vast majority of people who contribute to the Trust are parents of existing children at the school.  Money raised is spent very quickly on projects approved by the Trustees.  All funding raised is spent on enriching the lives of students to allow access to activities that would not be able to be funded by the school.

Our charity looks to enrich the lives of pupils within the school by purchasing equipment to which they would not otherwise have access; enhancing buildings and the environment and widening the range of activities available. Charity Number: 701359. A donation of £5 a month, with Gift Aid, will give the fund £75 a year

Who are Brine Leas Trust?

Parents, Guardians and Friends of Brine Leas that wish to support the school financially, but may not have time to help in any other way.

What does it do?

It is a registered as a charity and aims to raise extra funds in order to provide additional opportunities for Brine Leas Students.

What do I need to do?

Commit to donating a sum of money – monthly or annually. The school can then make use of ‘Gift Aid’ to increase your £1 to £1.25